how do i book a session?

Text or call us at 212.729.3805 or use the contact link up top to send us a note.

Sessions are available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. A non-refundable $500 session fee retainer is required to reserve your spot. 


Our calendar can fill up pretty far in advance, so it is never too soon to reach out and get on the schedule. We recommend scheduling your session at least 6-8 weeks before you need your finished products in hand. When you have the luxury of time, always add it into the schedule! 

That being said, we can get things done in a hot minute for you when we need to! See a few questions down for our turnaround estimates and info on guaranteed delivery dates and rush processing. 

how much does this cost?

Our studio sessions start at $500. A variety of A La Carte Products are available to showcase the images from your shoot. 

The average client spends around $2500 on their products. We are happy to offer payment plans to make it easier for you to have all of your favorite images and products. Please inquire for the full details on A La Carte Pricing.

when will i see my pictures?

The very same day! I believe in instant gratification, so we offer in-person photo reveal and ordering sessions immediately following your shoot. We LOVE helping you select your images and find that sitting down together to go through them and show you all of the albums and other product options in person is the least overwhelming and most fun way to make your photo selections. 


Our estimated turn-around time is 3-4 weeks for Digital Collections, 4-6 weeks for standard Albums, and 5-8 weeks for Seamless Luxe Albums. This is a one-woman operation focused on providing exquisite attention to detail in your orders, so these are estimates only.

Rush Processing is available if you need your finished products even more quickly. With Rush Processing and depending on availability, we can turn around Digital Collections as quickly as 24 hours, Standard Albums as quickly as 1 week, and Seamless Luxe Albums as quickly as 3 weeks from the session date. 

Having the luxury of time is always a plus, which is why we recommend scheduling your session 6-8 weeks before you need your finished images in order to maximize flexibility and minimize stress and costs on turnaround time. 

do you offer hair and makeup? 

Yes! Whether you want an extremely natural "I woke up like this" glow or a full bombshell makeover, Professional Hair and Makeup is an essential part of the experience and is included in your session fee (with the exception of some occasional promotional offers that require HMU to be added separately). Our artist will stay on hand for your entire session and can change up your look between outfits. You will straight up feel like a supermodel when she jumps on set to fix your hair and touch up your lips. #slay

what should i wear?

You should wear something that makes you feel fabulous!

For boudoir sessions, you should bring your favorite pieces of lingerie along with accessories. Many clients plan out their sets so that each one has a different silhouette – perhaps a corset for one, a bra and panty for another, and something soft and flowy in another, etc. That being said, this is all your personal preference, so if you want to wear a bra and panty or a corset in every single set, that is fine!  It can be fun to use your boudoir shoot as an opportunity to splurge on a few new items. Keep in mind, though, that you absolutely do NOT have to invest in a lot of new lingerie to have an amazing shoot – a simple, flattering, black bra and pantie set or bodysuit will go with every set!

For portrait sessions, you may also want to consider different silhouettes or styles to give variety - a flowy gown in one set and a sleek little black dress in another. Think about your personality and how you want to feel in the outfits and when you look at the finished product. Are you going for more fantasy or more real life, for more glamorous or more simple, for an heirloom wall portrait or an online dating portrait?

For branding sessions, think about your overall brand and how it ties to your personality. Think about how you want people to feel when they look at your photos. Are you going to accomplish that in a formal suit? Or a cute dress? Or jeans and a top? Think about what your ideal clients will resonate with. 

Enter any email address to access // This is NOT a sign up for a list.


Do we ever! I am so proud to offer you access to the Dream Closet for boudoir and portrait sessions. Our closet is stocked with lingerie, robes, skirts, dresses, gowns, heels, and jewelry that you are welcome to borrow for your shoot.

If you want to use the Dream Closet, you MUST browse through the Dream Closet galleries before you come in so that you have an idea of the outfits you wish to try on when you arrive. If you do plan to use the Dream Closet, we strongly recommend that you plan to bring your own outfits even if they are just as a back up. If you get here and don’t love the look or fit of the items you had your eye on, we want you to be sure you have something to wear.

We cannot guarantee the availability of any specific items as things rotate out for cleaning.

We provide hygienic liners for all of our Dream Closet garments that have undies. You are also welcome to bring some undies in black/white/blush/nude to pair with our items if you prefer to wear your own.

The Dream Closet is fully stocked with black, nude, and white heels in size 5-10 as well as thigh high stockings and accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, masks, wedding veils and garters, etc.).



You don't have to! Laura will coach you through the whole process, from how to position yourself, what to do with your hands, where to look, etc. She has photographed over 2,000 women and knows how to use lighting and posing to their best effects to flatter any body type.


Most of our sessions take place in our studio in 29th Street in Manhattan. We can customize a location session for you, as well. The most common shoots we do on location are for branding sessions but a boudoir or portrait session can also be arranged at the location of your choosing. Travel fees will apply as well as any rental fees for your desired location. Get in touch to start planning! 

what backgrounds do you have?

We have over a dozen backgrounds available in the studio for you to choose from. Peruse the options here: 


Do you photograph couples?

Your partner may join you for a few poses but our sessions are meant to focus on YOU so we do not typically shoot entire sessions as a couples session. 


Not really. We do offer "generations" portraits for several women in the same family (eg, Grandma, Mom, Daughter, and Baby in one image), but we do not offer formal large group portraits such as large families. 


It’s totally fine to bring a friend for moral support. Your BFF or sister can help you feel more comfortable and can also be a great help while you are getting ready. Just make sure you are bringing someone you know will truly be your cheerleader and no one who is going to make you feel self-conscious or who tends to micro-manage things. I have seen friends bring the vibe down and that’s just the worst! #goodvibesonly

Please note that while your guests are very welcome, they must observe the actual shoot from the makeup area and are not allowed to come into the shooting area for liability reasons. Also no sideline photography is permitted during the shoot.


Yes, you may. A lot of clients find it nice to have a little liquid courage before their shoot. Please strictly limit your consumption to two drinks before and during your shoot, as we want to avoid "drunk face" at all costs! Believe me when I say that I learned this the hard way! 


Just you, me and the makeup artist! Our studio is very cozy and very private, and there will be no extra people (that you didn't invite) hanging around the set.

Do you retouch the photos?

Yes, we do! Photoshop can be very controversial, but we do believe in using it to a certain extent. 

Our philosophy is to keep it as real as possible, with very natural skin clean-up and removal of things like stray hairs, errant garment tags or muffin tops. We also give the overall image some oomph with color and contrast adjustments and background cleanup that makes the whole thing look magazine-worthy.

We will NOT significantly change your body unless you request us to, and we never want to make you look like someone you are not.

You will be surprised at how amazing the images look straight out of the camera! Professional hair and makeup and expert lighting go a long way to making an image look a big step beyond your every day snapshot. 

what if i need to reschedule or cancel my session?

I definitely hope you don’t need to reschedule/cancel your session! But I understand that things can come up. There are a few different fees that may apply to a reschedule, depending on the time frame: 

     - Rescheduling/canceling less than two weeks in advance of your appointment incurs a $100 rescheduling fee. 

     - Rescheduling/canceling less than one week in advance of your appointment incurs a $150 rescheduling fee.

     - Same day rescheduling, cancellation, or "no-show" incurs a $300 fee. 

     - Excessive rescheduling (3rd or more instance) will incur a $50 fee per request in addition to other applicable fees described above.

Clients who reschedule or cancel and pay any applicable fees are welcome to use their retainer on file toward a future date (within a year of their original appointment date). A client who "no-shows" forfeits any retainer and requires a brand new retainer in order to reschedule. 

Rescheduling, cancellation and "no-show" fees are NOT credited against retainers on file, future retainers or products.

Rescheduling, cancellation and no-show fees are sadly very necessary for a variety of reasons. Appointments are in high demand and by holding a spot for you, I am turning away other clients who inquire about the same spot. Rescheduling or cancelling without adequate notice costs both me and my hair and makeup artist significant expected income. 

These fees are not something I ever want to have to collect, so thank you in advance for your understanding and respect of why they are necessary and non-negotiable. 

what is your refund policy?

All session retainers are non-refundable but are valid indefinitely. If you need to postpone your session, rest assured that your retainer will be on file and ready for you to use whenever you wish.

All sales during photo viewing sessions are final.

what if i don't want my pictures on your website?

At the end of your session, we will complete a form about privacy where you decide what images, if any, are allowed to be used. Some clients give us free reign to use whatever images we'd like, while others would prefer not to allow the use of their images or something in between. Whatever you prefer is fine by us, and we assure you that your choice will be respected. I used to be an attorney, so trust me when I say I take your privacy very seriously!